54 high-intensity lamps, generous interior space, powerful ventilation are just some of the features that make XSun a product out of the ordinary. With 54 180W or 200W lamps in combination with the Intelligent Program, tanning is guaranteed. The electronic control of the UV emission shortens the session times, the lamps reach the ideal functioning temperature in a matter of seconds.
What more could you wish for? The entertainment with Audio System, radio, and Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music or a shiny steel design with blue LED lights inside and out?  Yes, XSun LED has all that as well as the mirrored platform Legs Program and, also, as an option the function Water Fresh. The Water Fresh nebulization refreshes and moisturizes the skin during the session for a moment of pure well-being.

models available

standard equipment

Cooling Program

The long life of the lamps is guaranteed by the perfect cooling system. With the exclusive side slits, the Cooling program ventilation caresses the body with a pleasant breeze or with a more powerful vortex to make tanning really relaxing..

Audio Program

The favourite radio program is available with a simple touch of a button, with automatic programme search and volume adjustment. A welcoming voice message at the beginning and end of the session will provide practical advice on the use of the equipment and will greet the customer at the end of treatment.

Legs Program

With the reflecting mirror platform it is much easier to tan the legs.

Lamps Program

The exclusive Tecnosole lamps guarantee top performance and long life. The 2-meter long tubes are ideal even for the tallest of clients.

Water Fresh Program

Not just tanning but wellness too, a pleasant cool mist at programmed intervals to cool the body and spirit and help the tan.