Cooling Program

The long life of the lamps is guaranteed by the perfect cooling system. With the exclusive side slits, the Cooling program ventilation caresses the body with a pleasant breeze or with a more powerful vortex to make tanning really relaxing.

Audio System Program

The favourite radio program is available with a simple touch of a button, with automatic programme search and volume adjustment. A welcoming voice message at the beginning and end of the session will provide practical advice on the use of the equipment and will greet the customer at the end of treatment.

Legs Program

With the reflecting mirror platform it is much easier to tan the legs.

Lamps Program

The exclusive Tecnosole lamps guarantee top performance and long life. The 2-meter long tubes are ideal even for the tallest of clients.

Vibro Program

It is an oscillating platform that thanks to the possibility to choose from 5 programs (welcome plan – high impact – full tonic – body drain – slimming plan) turns the tanning moment also into a healthy physical activity

Water Fresh Program

Not just tanning but wellness too, a pleasant cool mist at programmed intervals to cool the body and spirit and help the tan.

Intelligent Program I.P.

The electronic system that saves energy and increases the life of the lamps. This system guarantees money saving, lower CO2 emissions and lower environmental impact.

Tecnosole has chosen, with a view to environmental sustainability,
to develop high efficiency products, and to equip the roof of its plant
with a self-production system with a photovoltaic system and internal
energy saving systems.



With the new generation “Sensitive Touch Screen” keyboard, Tecnosole sets off in a significant path of innovation that aims at reaching digital integration: the embodiment of the future 4.0 industry.

With “Sensitive Touch Screen” everything becomes easier for the customer: we achieved complete interaction between the user and the screen, seamless convenience as the device usage feels natural and reassuring.

With the “Sensitive Touch Screen” technology we have done away with physical buttons, they now have larger dimensions and are simpler to use. The diminished dependence on physical elements makes contact more secure and immediate and all the screen space is dedicated to displaying functions.

Thanks to the “Sensitive Touch Screen” technology, even under heavy use, the buttons do not wear out, thus eliminating replacement costs of traditional keyboards. With the Bluetooth system, you can connect your smartphone to listen to your favorite music. The volume adjustment can be controlled through the keyboard. Entertainment is assured and the session time will fly by pleasantly.