Scientific studies have been showing for many years that red light with a wavelength of 633nm is able to stimulate the production of collagen.
Over the years the skin loses tone and elasticity, collagen and elastin lose their tone, the use of equipment with special lamps with 633nm emissions are able to counteract these imperfections.
Regular use of Collagen helps your skin forget the passing years. It is recommended to use Collagen for periods ranging from 4 to 7 weeks, the duration of the individual treatment can vary from 15 to 20 minutes and more, depending on the individual, the beautician will recommend the duration and frequency of treatment.

During the treatment with the Collagen red light, the sensation is that of a beneficial heat, the effect on our organism is the stimulation of biosynthesis. The treatment is indicated for all skin types and any age as the Collagen spectrum does not contain UV-A and UV-B rays.

Audio System with radio and Bluetooth specially designed to offer superior sounds: while relaxed the time will just fly by.
The platform Vibro Program accelerates the metabolism and the blood circulation favoring a better oxygenation. The action of Vibro Program tones up legs and buttocks, the 5 programs, including the toning program, allow you to choose the most suitable setting to improve your body’s look.

models available

standard equipment

Cooling Program

The long life of the lamps is guaranteed by the perfect cooling system. With the exclusive side slits, the Cooling program ventilation caresses the body with a pleasant breeze or with a more powerful vortex to make tanning really relaxing..

Audio Program

il programma radio preferito sarà disponibile al semplice tocco di un dito con ricerca automatica e regolazione del volume.

Legs Program

With the reflecting mirror platform it is much easier to tan the legs.

Lamps Program

The exclusive Tecnosole lamps guarantee top performance and long life. The 2-meter long tubes are ideal even for the tallest of clients.

Intelligent Program

The electronic system that saves energy and increases the life of the lamps. This system guarantees money saving, lower CO2 emissions and lower environmental impact.

Vibro Program

It is an oscillating platform that thanks to the possibility to choose from 5 programs (welcome plan – high impact – full tonic – body drain – slimming plan) turns the tanning moment also into a healthy physical activity