The light effects on the skin tissue and on plants have long been studied by NASA researchers in the 90s. Once determined that the red light had managed to grow plants during space fl ights, experiments were also carried out in the fi eld of medicine, with good results, thanks to the studies of Ronald W. Ignazio and Dr. Harry T. Whelan. About a quarter of all the proteins in our body are collagen. It is collagen that gives our body structure by protecting it and supporting the softer tissues and connecting them with the skeleton. The face, the neck and the cleavage are the parts of our body where the signs of the passage of time are most noticeable. A decreased production of collagen and dehydration are the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The light at 633 nm of Beauty Collagen stimulates the production of collagen, the light is absorbed by our skin helping to give it back elasticity and hydration. The treatment is completed using the Beauty Gel cosmetic product to be used during the session and at home. Depending on the type of skin, 12 to 20 treatments are recommended, with times ranging from 15 to 20 minutes per session. In the fi rst 3 weeks, we recommend 2 to 3 weekly applications. The maintenance consists of one session per week.

Beauty Gel is a professional product to be applied on the area to be treated before and after the use of theBeauty Collagen device, for which this gel has been specifically created.

Beauty Gel entrusts its action to a mix of actives with the hyaluronic acid as their strong point, obtained through biotechnology with high penetrative and expansive capacity and a last-generation complex of Peptides.
The product is also recommended to be used at home, by applying it on the areas to be treated, morning and night, and also
before the cream or make-up, if necessary. Apply by slightly dabbing with fingertips. The product is PABA-free and entrusts it preservative system to evernew natural substances.

Collagen Gel is for external use. Do not use the product if intolerance to one or more ingredients reported in the composition is detected. Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children’s reach.